1st Manchester Festival a success

The competition was a great success! We had lots of fantastic fights and the enthusiasm of everyone was thrilling to see. The younger children fought with gusto and bravery.

A special mention  must be made to all the people that travelled from Ireland, Scotland, London, Devon and the other counties. They came to compete and gave everything. It is waht makes Tae Kwondo so special.

The referees, corner judges and officials all contributed to the success of the day.

A number of presentations were made:

Daley Richardson made the presentation of 2nd Dan to the parents of Ian Gerrard Satorious Jones. Ian was a former member of the club, who died whilst on military service in Afghanistan this year.

Master Mark Richardson made the 1st Dan presentation to Thomas Mitchell. Thomas is a practising barrisiter and was a former member of the club. He generously sponsored all of the pee-wees and children medals.

We will be putting up the photos in the next couple of days.

Keep Stretching!

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1 Response to 1st Manchester Festival a success

  1. Patrick says:

    A highlight for me was the uncontained joy of Blake and Jake when they won their matches against James and Adam. It was quite touching. They celebrated as if they had just scored a goal at Old Trafford. Terrific!
    I really enjoyed the day.

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