New Black Belts and 3rd Dans …

Yesterday, a number of students graduated from Red tag to Black Belts and from 2nd Dan to 3rd Dans.

The day started with a 90 minute lesson then a 30 minute break and a gruelling 4 hour grading session which included all aspects of the Art of Taekwondo. Students had to answer questions and terminology related to the meaning, etiquette and the tenets of Taekwondo.

As well as undertake all the patterns from Basic 1 through to Koryo. Both one step, two step and three step sparring. Both basic and advanced blocks, kicks and stances were demonstrated. Korean terminology and explanations had to be used to describe different parts of the body, foot and arms used in blocks, kicks and stances.It was a very thorough examination of the students mental, physical and spiritual makeup.

Under the new ruling, the Koryo pattern has to be demonstrated which has made it more difficult for students to achieve the black belt grade. The candidates for the 3rd Dan had to carry out the additional patterns upto Tae Baek.

Congratulations to The Black Belt graduates: Feya Mattis, Howard Kwan, Tom Gore, Edward Greaves, Adam Mattis.
3rd Dan graduates: Ric Cooney, Christine and Helen Donald


It is a day that will never be forgotten by the candidates and the grading examiners. Well done to all.

Keep Stretching

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