Reinventing training during the coronavirus confinement!

The whole country in full lockdown for five weeks now, we had to quickly re-think how to continue our training. For the first two weeks, students were set challenges by GM Mark Richardson, like planking record (girls’ winner Grace with 6.27mins! – Boy’s winner Noah: 8.02 mins! Well done!!), Marvin Agler’s crunches for 2 minutes, press-ups etc. Dozens of videos were sent to GM Mark every week and a winner declared on the Sunday.

On week three, GM Mark took the plunge with live Zoom classes for all existing students of Manchester Sport Taekwondo Club, focusing on technique for forthcoming gradings and for both Poomsae and Kyorugi competitions, which we hope will resume in the Autumn. Parents are also encouraged to join in the stretching, so they also keep active and get to feel a bit what their children go through!

Below are a few pictures to keep this very unusual time in our memory. We are physically separated from each other but very close in spirit and dedication, in our individual dojangs, in our lounges, bedrooms, gardens, kitchens, conservatories,… thanks to our shared love  for this martial art. The whole club is very grateful to our inspiring and legend instructor GM Mark Richardson, gamsa Hamnida and respect Sir, for keeping our training going whatever the circumstances.

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1 Response to Reinventing training during the coronavirus confinement!

  1. Mark Richardson says:

    Thank you so much
    It means so much I’m humbled by your kind words
    I just hope everyone enjoys our art
    And tries their best
    This time is unprecedented
    In my 60 years we can only do the best we can
    I am so inspired and impressed by everyone supporting our clubs/ schools
    Thank you all for being there for each other we are all in this together
    And we will come through this stronger
    Please please keep safe and sound
    Missing you all xoxo

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