Success at the first ever Online Poomsae Competition!

A year ago, the thought of taking part in an online Poomsae competition would have sounded rather puzzling and most definitely unfeasible. However, in February 2021 this is exactly what 17 of our club members did! William The Marshall Cup offered our students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and progress over the past year by submitting a video clip of their favourite pattern.

The results could not have made our club’s Chief Instructor, GM Mark Richardson, prouder:

“So proud of everyone! Considering the year we have had!” he said as he announced the results which saw Manchester Sport Taekwondo rank 3rd.

Ann Cooney (A class Vet F 45+) – Gold

Safiya Florence Ascoli-Ball (A class Vet F 45+) – Silver

Zaneb Ali (A Class Vet F 35+) – Gold

Sundus Mohamed (B Class SF) – Gold

Michelle Galliani (A Class SF) – Silver

Ridwan Ball (C Class SM) – Gold

Genevieve Galliani (A Class JF) – Silver

Asalah Zakir (B Class – JF) – Gold

Aliyah Ball (A Class JF) – Bronze

Neil Manoj (A Class CM) – Gold

Mu’adh Zakir (C Class CM) – Bronze

Maximilian Vernon (C Class CM) – Bronze

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