The British Autumn Open 2021 was a great success!

Team overall result:

1st: Manchester Taekwondo Schools

2nd: Camran Taekwondo

3rd: Panther Black Belt Academy

After two years of lockdowns, online training, cancelled events and general uncertainty, the 2021 edition of the annual Autumn Open hosted by our club, Manchester Taekwondo Schools, could at last take place. It was a very successful event, not only in terms of medals but also – maybe more so – in terms of friendship, fun, and technical quality.

As envisioned by GM Mark Richardson, Head Coach, and Song Moo Kwan UK President, the Kyorugi championship only used manual scoring to encourage the traditional, faster, more powerful form of fighting, which we used to see on the mats up to the early 2000s before the electronic scoring was introduced. And the difference was clear: faster rhythm in every game, greater power in each shot, it was a joy for everyone, whether you were watching, fighting, scoring, coaching, or refereeing!

The Poomsae competition was of equal high level of quality and excitement, everyone gave their all on the mat. Well done to every single participant!

Thank you to all those of you who helped: the Grand Masters at the judge tables, the referees and scorers, the parents and club members who helped set up, manage the tuck shop and the front desk, or run errands in the background, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. We’re a great family!

A final heartfelt thank you to everyone who travelled whether from near or far, some with great difficulty due to Covid restrictions, the stormy and icy weather, you came from all over England, Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, and even India! You truly made this the success it was. We are looking forward to seeing you again on 12-13 March 2022!

Team results:

🏆Yellow belt champion:  Lina
Yasmin, Lina, Thomas, Shahine, Zayd, Neil, Alastair, Safiya
Ayah, Ridwan, Zaneb
Sumeyah, Sundus, Aliyah, Howard

Pair – kup grades
Ralph, Max

Amal+Sundus+ Lina
Yasmin + Ayah + Sumeyah
Thomas Ralph Max

Thomas, Max, Ralph, Amal, Sundus, Ridwan
Howard, Aliyah, Zaneb, Safiya

Ridwan, Thomas, Samir, Aiden, Sorayah, Daryub, Neil, Shahine

Ridwan, Aiden, Zaneb, Lina, Ralph , Yasmin, Ruben x 2

Max x2, Ralph, Ruben, Conrad

A weekend we all needed obviously I’m proud of my guys but more important is the feedback from my peers about the etiquette shown respect and passion for our art. Thank you GM Mark Richardson you gave us all the opportunity to be a part of a true taekwondo / martial arts experience and to all the masters GM thank you for the unconditional friendship you have shown.” Master Derek Sumner

What can I say, An incredible weekend of taekwondo in Manchester with an incredible bunch of people! Thank you soo much for looking after us GM Mark Richardson… we are truly honoured. Also thanks to the other Masters and GMs for showing us what true traditional values our beautiful art has to show.” Master Steve Graham

Loved the weekend of Taekwondo at Manchester great bunch of people always make you welcome.” Master Phil James

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